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Will press on nails replace manicure nails?

Will press on nails replace manicure nails? On this issue can be said to be benevolent, the wisdom of the wise. First,let's look at how press on nails is different from manicure nails. Manicure needs to be done in a store and is more damaging to the nail. Because the manicure uses nail sol, the manicurist will give you a layer of primer before the manicure, which requires a professional light to dry. If you do manicures too frequently, not only will the ultraviolet rays in the irradiation lamp darken the skin of your hands, but it is also unhealthy for your body. It is also very harmful to the nail when it is removed, and the nail surface needs to be thinned out, resulting in thinning or even breaking of the nail surface. However, pressons are a pair of ready-done nails, just pick the style you want and use the right way to wear it.


Whether it's doctors, teachers, pregnant women, or students, you can also enjoy the joy of nail art. Wear it when you want, remove it when you want. But one advantage of traditional manicure is that manicurists tend to be more professional and produce better results for customers. Wearing pressons is a test of wearing skills, and the quality and size of the nails will also affect the nail effect. Come to Tsingtauer, we will show you more information about press-on nails, which can be said to be comprehensive so that you can also become your own "manicurist".