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With the constant bombardment of responsibilities thrown at us by life on a daily basis, it can often seem futile to stay on top of our self care. Maybe you're a mother or a strong career driven woman that just can’t seem to find the time to engage in a little self-love. Here at
Tsingtauer, we wanted to empower women worldwide to finally live their best lives through the creation of life-changing beauty products that make you feel special again.

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  • The quality is very good, and the gloss of the nails is very natural. Is what I want. Better than expected

  • I like this seller very much. The fake nails have great shapes and beautiful colors. I will definitely buy it again! !

  • They're excellent. The material is very comfortable and fits the nail. Plus the glue it brings is very durable. I 've tried several brands and these have been the ones that worked best for me.

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