About us

With the constant bombardment of responsibilities thrown at us by life on a daily basis, it can often seem futile to stay on top of our self care. Maybe you're a mother or a strong career driven woman that just can’t seem to find the time to engage in a little self-love. Here at Tsingtauer, we wanted to empower women worldwide to finally live their best lives through the creation of life-changing beauty products that make you feel special again.


Life isn’t meant to be a rehearsal. You should boldly pave your own way through the world as the strong, empowered woman you deserve to be. We believe in being your own queen. To not have to rely on the acceptance of others to live your best lives. Rather to take charge of your own beauty and be the person you were born to be. You shouldn’t have to give up your own happiness for others. Self-love means reclaiming control over your own happiness and charging through life as the unique individual you truly are. This is why we offer a range of beauty products (mainly fake eyelashes to begin with), so you can begin to unleash your fullest potential and finally love yourself again.


Based out of the fake eyelash hub of Qingdao, China, where half of the world's fake eyelashes are produced, we’ve been helping women feel beautiful for some time now. It all started with Michelle Zhang. She had a job that she loved in senior management at an international airline. Unfortunately life happened and she had to let it go in order to take care of her kids. She constantly yearned for her old life of being a professional woman. Her selfcare slowly degraded. No longer did she have the time to pay attention to her appearance, let alone her hobbies. She realized that something had to change and so set out on a path of self-improvement where she re-discovered her own self worth. Michelle wanted to help bring this same level of freedom and fulfillment she’d found in her busy life to other woman in need of a little self-love. So she set up Tsingtauer to empower women just like her to finally reclaim control over their own beauty and live a life of passion and purpose.