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Disposable Eyeliner Brushes 200PCS

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These Disposable Eyeliner Brushes are great to be used on holidays, wedding, everyday usage and performance!!

These Disposable Eyeliner makeup brushes are made of high-quality fibre hair and plastic handle. The connection between brush and handle is solid, not easy to break. The thin brush tip of disposable eyeliner wands helps to draw eye lines easily and conveniently to let your eye outline clear. You can use them as Multipurpose Eyelash Brushes.

The Eyelash Brushes are great for eyelash extension removal, nail art, painting, crafting projects, and so on. You can use them to separate eyelashes or dip organic castor oil into eyelashes. Mascara wands and liner brushes are light and small, easy to use, and convenient to carry and store


  • High-quality Makeup Product
  • Perfect Eyeliner Brushes
  • Handy and Convenient
  • Most Cost-effective Makeup Brushes Set